Mabopane Foundation

SGM invested $635 into the Mabopane Foundation.

Founding Volunteer Executive Director of Mabopane Foundation, Becky Young, visited Mabopane on her first mission trip in 1998. There, she found two partnering shelters striving to serve poor and disadvantaged children and provide for their basic needs with little resources. Becky's heart was touched by the many volunteers who gave genuine love and care to the children. But more than that, Becky was touched by the children themselves because in the midst of such despair, they had joy in their lives and approached every day with a smile. Becky knew that these children had been told they were loved and that there was hope.  She knew ongoing monthly resources were necessary to provide some sense of security for daily living and the possibility of a better life ahead. She saw the potential of each child and began to pray about how she could invest in their lives.

For over 20 years now, Becky's passion and vision for providing food, shelter, clothing, and education for orphaned and vulnerable children has been caught by hundreds of people. The Mabopane Foundation has provided financial assistance to help hundreds of children over the years. Assisting with housing, electricity, water, gas, school fees, uniforms, medicine, food, continuing education, and job skill training.