Community New Horizon Pedestrian Bridge - Barra de Jangada, Brazil

We invested $750 to reinforce the structure of the community's pedestrian bridge for the Community New Horizon in Barra de Jangada - Brazil.

We partnered with the local church “Obreiros de Cristo” that has been ministering to the community for several years. This bridge connects two sections of this community, and was in terrible condition. The people of Barra de Jangada need to cross the canal in order to attend church services and receive food. The bridge will also allow the inhabitants to connect to the main road and access public transportation on a daily basis. Thank you for your support.

I’m so excited about this project and the opportunity to give with dignity. The men who worked building the bridge are so proud of themselves! They have a great sense of ownership and I’m sure they will take care of the bridge. I had the chance of taking to them about it. I told them that they are men of valor and I thanked them for allowing us to be a part of their lives.
— Marcello A., Project Coordinator

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