HOW Slotta Global Mission is helping Pastors succeed in conflict

Chad Slotta, D.Min. (candidate) - SGM President and ENGAGE Creator

Chad Slotta, D.Min. (candidate) - SGM President and ENGAGE Creator

Hello! My name is Chad Slotta and I serve as President of SGM. One of Slotta Global Mission’s major program emphases between 2015 and 2019 has been the creation of ENGAGE, a training program to equip pastors and congregational leaders to address conflict successfully.

I created ENGAGE because, while pastors and congregational leaders will encounter interpersonal conflict in the course of their lives and ministries, most receive little or no conflict engagement training prior to assuming their respective ministry roles. Whereas ill-equipped church leaders endure the negative consequences of poorly-handled destructive conflict, those who develop relative mastery of biblical conflict engagement skills effectively leverage the positive potential of constructive conflict and advance God’s Kingdom.

All too often, pastors and congregational leaders avoid conflict rather than engaging in honest, respectful, and constructive dialogue. Individuals who avoid conflict miss an opportunity to strengthen their relationships.

Even the most spiritually mature leaders can overlook interpersonal issues that they should address. God calls all Christ-followers to fight for peace and blesses them when they do — “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matt 5:9)

I studied lessons the Bible teaches regarding conflict and conducted an extensive review of business-related, church-related, and scholarly literature written on this crucial topic. Informed by my biblical study, literature review, and church network survey results, I designed a conflict engagement training program to help pastors and congregational leaders address conflict more successfully.

SGM would love the privilege of personally bringing ENGAGE to your church. I know the training you receive will dramatically increase your team’s knowledge, skill level, and attitude toward conflict engagement.

I hope to see you (and serve you) soon.

Chad Slotta

ENGAGE was the perfect mixture of practical tips on conflict resolution and the heart of why God calls us to be peacemakers. I would highly recommend this training to anyone and everyone, especially those in church leadership!
— Tyler, Worship Leader and ENGAGE Participant